Equal Access For All Voters

I work with a diverse group of people both in my business and on our campaign. Some of them happen to have disabilities. I, like so many of you, want to work hard to help protect democracy for ALL eligible voters. And when I say all, I mean all. My friend Haley Ritter was kind enough to join me in this video. We also had a great conversation about the challenges faced by the deaf and hard of hearing with regard to civic engagement. When elected as Maricopa County Recorder, it is vital to me that we hear about challenges so together we can create solutions.

When I was young, my grandmother suffered a stroke that left the entire right side of her body paralyzed. She would spend the next 20 years of her life, until her passing, in a wheelchair. We as a family, planned outings and navigated obstacles with my grandmother, which gave me a new perspective of the everyday challenges those with disabilities face. It is a perspective I've never forgotten.   

Our campaign is about preserving and promoting every eligible voter's fundamental right to vote. Only together can we make this happen. Join our campaign, volunteer, donate. 

*Haley Ritter is a professional American Sign Language interpreter, AZ License #HR26071390

 #ElectFontes #ProtectDemocracy 

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