Purcell misleads voters, yet again

Helen Purcell, Chief Elections Officer for the Maricopa County Recorder's Office and Elections Department, has misrepresented herself and her office once again.

She said there will be 724 polling places for the upcoming primary and general elections, one for each precinct. What she has not made clear for voters is at least 80 of these 724 polling locations will be shared between precincts.

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In reality, there will be at least 80 fewer polling locations and at least 80 fewer parking lots on Election Day.

A County Recorder should take every step to make sure voters are well informed. This is done through communicating clearly, consistently and accurately with voters.

Her failure to clearly explain this discrepancy is yet another example of Purcell's failure to uphold her duty as County Recorder. She has misrepresented herself to voters and she has left voters with at least 80 fewer locations to cast their ballots.

It is the end of the line for Helen Purcell as the Chief Elections officer in Maricopa County. She is unable to learn from her mistakes. What do you think?


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August 1 is the Primary Voter Registration Deadline


register today 

Have you double checked that your registration is up to date? Many voters who voted in the presidential preference election could not vote because they had problems with their registration.

Don’t trust that Helen Purcell’s office has your information correct. Make sure your registration is accurate so you can elect real leaders to run our state on August 30. 


Make sure your loved ones and friends are registered too! #protectdemocracy #electfontes 


A Campaign of Thanks

When I was young, my family was always engaged in civic life. I attribute it mostly to my grandmother who was always a force to be reckoned with. She, having little formal education herself, pushed her six kids through college and beyond.

It was her willingness to engage which propelled her husband, my grandfather, into public life. He served a couple terms as Mayor of Nogales, Arizona. He was a strong and quiet man, but he had his wife behind him, and together, they were incredible.

I remember, as they grew older, people heaping thanks upon them; thanks for being good examples, thanks for caring and thanks for being just good people. Today, I am humbled to be receiving lots of 'thanks' from every corner of the County. "Thanks for running" is the form it usually takes.

This kind of reception is incredible in what it says about the place and times we live in...where regular people come up to a regular guy and "thank" him for getting involved in politics! I mean, I know many folks are cynical about our public officials and the established institutions of government, and I know many of us are dissatisfied with the way things seem to be going. In fact, I happen to be just as disenfranchised, particularly when it comes to our elections.

But I never expected so many people to look to me and simply express thanks for running. It's so amazing.

To that end, I am redoubling my efforts in this campaign. Sure, there will be a bit more personal sacrifice and a lot more work, and yes, that can be uncomfortable. But where so many people independently come right up to me and thank me for running, I have no choice.

So, I now want thank YOU! Thank you for inspiring me to fight even harder and push forward with more intensity than before. Thank you for making this journey so fulfilling and so worthwhile. All the support I have received thus far is inspirational and just plain fantastic.

Together, we can #ProtectDemocracy

We're on the ballot!

What a ride it's been so far. Since March, our campaign has exploded with support. We've garnered more than 3,000 likes on Facebook. That's just the tip of the iceberg. As of yesterday, we are officially on the ballot.

Adrian turned in more than 5,400 of your signatures! We are humbled by the amount of support we have received so far and look forward to continuing our work. Though this is only the beginning, we are only at this point because of you. 

We want to send our deepest thanks and gratitude for helping make this happen. Without the support of the people of Maricopa, we wouldn't be here. So thank you. Thank you very much.

This November, we take on Helen Purcell for Maricopa County Recorder. For almost three decades, the voices of the voters have been disenfranchised. We will take that office and make it for the people once again. Every voice counts. Every vote matters. We will be there to #ProtectDemocracy. 

Here's a message from Adrian.

A Sneak Peek

This campaign has been a wild ride so far and we're no where near done yet. I wanted to share some exciting news with you folks. Here is a sneak peek at our brand new video series where you can get to know Adrian more personally. Be on the lookout for more of these videos in the coming days and weeks! 

Equal Access For All Voters

I work with a diverse group of people both in my business and on our campaign. Some of them happen to have disabilities. I, like so many of you, want to work hard to help protect democracy for ALL eligible voters. And when I say all, I mean all. My friend Haley Ritter was kind enough to join me in this video. We also had a great conversation about the challenges faced by the deaf and hard of hearing with regard to civic engagement. When elected as Maricopa County Recorder, it is vital to me that we hear about challenges so together we can create solutions.

When I was young, my grandmother suffered a stroke that left the entire right side of her body paralyzed. She would spend the next 20 years of her life, until her passing, in a wheelchair. We as a family, planned outings and navigated obstacles with my grandmother, which gave me a new perspective of the everyday challenges those with disabilities face. It is a perspective I've never forgotten.   

Our campaign is about preserving and promoting every eligible voter's fundamental right to vote. Only together can we make this happen. Join our campaign, volunteer, donate. 

*Haley Ritter is a professional American Sign Language interpreter, AZ License #HR26071390

 #ElectFontes #ProtectDemocracy 

Remembering the Presidential Primary Election on March 22, 2016

Photo courtesy AZCentralOn the morning of March 23rd, one of my children could see I was visibly upset and asked me what was wrong. My answer was deflection of the question because I was so embarrassed about the state of our Democracy. I am a parent who regularly tells my children we live in the greatest democracy in the world, and I want them to believe me. But at that moment, I had a hard time believing it myself because of what our elections had become, and what I had witnessed the day prior.

So I decided to do something about it. I decided to run for Maricopa County Recorder. 

This is my personal story from March 22. I vow to do everything in my power to ensure this democracy, OUR democracy, is protected.

I was volunteering for one of the presidential campaigns, when we started receiving reports of unusually long lines at several polling sites. This was unusual, because it wasn’t yet lunchtime, yet the wait time in line and to vote was already an hour and a half long.

As the day progressed, the lines continued to grow longer and longer. The reports of voters being turned away, lack of parking, people needing to go back to work, and a host of other problems kept coming in.  At one point that afternoon, as the only lawyer working at headquarters, I found myself on the phone with the national campaign answering questions and coordinating responses to a worsening situation. ...which would only get worse.

Reports of two separate lines of cars on the street to one polling station, each extending half a mile surfaced. Inadequate parking to where a voter was hit by a vehicle because they had to walk across a major road was reported. On two different occasions we heard elderly people had fainted while waiting in line. And then there were the people couldn’t wait in line because they simply couldn’t afford to. This...is a poll tax.

Early in the evening, in spite of the thousands, if not tens of thousands of voters still in line, one of the races was called by the media, further disenfranchising those who had stood in line for hours and had not yet cast their ballots. Then, to add insult to injury, thousands of voters were turned away after waiting  5+ hours and were flatly told, “your vote won’t count.”

While continuing to field calls about all of the above, we heard a report of a very heavy police presence at one of the polling stations on Thomas Road in Phoenix. A colleague and I raced over as legal observers to witness what was taking place. What we saw defied my vision of democratic elections, as several police officers seemed to be huddled around the voters in different locations, and nearly a dozen police cruisers and SUVs stood by . I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Was THIS what our democracy had become?

We encouraged voters to stay in line to exercise their right to vote. Thankfully, many voters were determined. After hours and hours of standing in the sun and long into the night, they stayed. Many people began ordering pizzas and bonds were formed. Even though they knew people were being turned away, they stayed. With buckling legs and exhaustion after working all day, they stayed. The dedication of these people to cast their ballot and protect their own democracy -- OUR democracy --was incredible.

Social media was blowing up. People were asking “What can we do?” These questions lingered long into the evening and were reflected in the faces of voters, American Citizens who just wanted to vote.

I will always remember March 22nd. I will never forget the frustrated and tired faces. The moms, the elderly, the disabled, the stories… These faces and stories will be my own driving force to make much-needed improvements when I am elected Maricopa County Recorder. From ensuring  we have adequate funding and number of polling places, to saving the office millions of dollars by not mailing out ballots with mistakes. I can and will do a better job.

Please help me protect democracy. #ElectFontes

Adrian Fontes discusses latest Arizona special election ballot snafu

On April 21, 2016, people started receiving their early ballots in the mail to vote on Proposition 123 and Proposition 124. Yet again, we see a big mistake made by the current Maricopa County Recorder that will potentially confuse Spanish-speaking voters. The Spanish proposition titles are identical on the ballot, though the propositions are vastly different. Mistakes such as this are simply unacceptable as they confuse and marginalize minority voters.

I am running for Maricopa County Recorder to ensure that mistakes like this do not continue to happen. It is unacceptable, and it's time for solutions, no more excuses.

Please get involved. Go to ElectFontes.com to volunteer or to donate. Help us #ProtectDemocracy.


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