Purcell misleads voters, yet again

Helen Purcell, Chief Elections Officer for the Maricopa County Recorder's Office and Elections Department, has misrepresented herself and her office once again.

She said there will be 724 polling places for the upcoming primary and general elections, one for each precinct. What she has not made clear for voters is at least 80 of these 724 polling locations will be shared between precincts.

Helen's Tweet2

In reality, there will be at least 80 fewer polling locations and at least 80 fewer parking lots on Election Day.

A County Recorder should take every step to make sure voters are well informed. This is done through communicating clearly, consistently and accurately with voters.

Her failure to clearly explain this discrepancy is yet another example of Purcell's failure to uphold her duty as County Recorder. She has misrepresented herself to voters and she has left voters with at least 80 fewer locations to cast their ballots.

It is the end of the line for Helen Purcell as the Chief Elections officer in Maricopa County. She is unable to learn from her mistakes. What do you think?


Helen's Tweet 


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