A Campaign of Thanks

When I was young, my family was always engaged in civic life. I attribute it mostly to my grandmother who was always a force to be reckoned with. She, having little formal education herself, pushed her six kids through college and beyond.

It was her willingness to engage which propelled her husband, my grandfather, into public life. He served a couple terms as Mayor of Nogales, Arizona. He was a strong and quiet man, but he had his wife behind him, and together, they were incredible.

I remember, as they grew older, people heaping thanks upon them; thanks for being good examples, thanks for caring and thanks for being just good people. Today, I am humbled to be receiving lots of 'thanks' from every corner of the County. "Thanks for running" is the form it usually takes.

This kind of reception is incredible in what it says about the place and times we live in...where regular people come up to a regular guy and "thank" him for getting involved in politics! I mean, I know many folks are cynical about our public officials and the established institutions of government, and I know many of us are dissatisfied with the way things seem to be going. In fact, I happen to be just as disenfranchised, particularly when it comes to our elections.

But I never expected so many people to look to me and simply express thanks for running. It's so amazing.

To that end, I am redoubling my efforts in this campaign. Sure, there will be a bit more personal sacrifice and a lot more work, and yes, that can be uncomfortable. But where so many people independently come right up to me and thank me for running, I have no choice.

So, I now want thank YOU! Thank you for inspiring me to fight even harder and push forward with more intensity than before. Thank you for making this journey so fulfilling and so worthwhile. All the support I have received thus far is inspirational and just plain fantastic.

Together, we can #ProtectDemocracy

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