I ran for Maricopa County Recorder to make sure votes get counted properly. And personally, as a board member of Let America Vote, it’s my duty to fight to protect and strengthen voting rights across our county and across the United States.

I am passionate about every single eligible American having the ability to cast a ballot – especially with how broken Washington DC is – because everyone deserves to have their voice heard in our democracy.

Each and every day we are bringing a renewed energy, purpose and vision to the office of County Recorder. We will use our voice to prevent any person creating more barriers to voting. Barriers that could cause longer lines, voter confusion and erode confidence in voting serve to undermine our electoral system. I was elected to uphold and defend our laws and the US Constitution. I have refused to allow partisan bickering to distract my office from the work we do for ALL our voters.

Republicans, Democrats and Independents deserve to trust our electoral system in Maricopa County and we fight every day to ensure their votes are protected and counted.

Thank you,
Adrian Fontes



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