PRESS RELEASE - 11/15/2016

I have just read Helen Purcell's press advisory and accept her most gracious concession in our race. First and foremost, I would like to thank Helen for her years of service to our county and for the honorable way she conducted herself in this campaign. Ours was a contest of issues, ideas and performance, and should serve as an example for all campaigns conducted in Arizona.

Next, I want to reach out to EVERY eligible citizen voter in Maricopa County, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, whether you are a Green or a Libertarian, Independent or member of some other party, in my mind you are a citizen and a voter, and in my administration you will be respected as such without any regard to your political affiliation.

In this ball game we call politics, I don’t enter the stadium to compete on the field, but instead I enter as an umpire, I am here to call balls and strikes - my job – this job – is to call balls and strikes with integrity, with accountability and with a full-throttle effort to make sure every eligible citizen is able to register and to vote. This is my commitment to you, to all voters.

Over the next few weeks I look forward to working with Mrs. Purcell and her team at the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office as we move into the transition.

Thank you,
Adrian Fontes


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