Helen Purcell misinforms voters, yet again

Tempe voters received the wrong polling location on a mailer sent out by the Maricopa County Recorder's office. This is yet another mistake made under the leadership of Helen Purcell that misinforms and confuses voters. 

Purcell's response? 11 days before the election, those voters will get a map and the correct information. 

I drew the line at the long lines in the Presidential Preference Election in March. And this mistake just confirms what I already knew: it's time for Helen to retire and make way for new leadership.

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So Adrian, what are you actually going to do about security?

"So Adrian, what are you actually going to do?"

I get asked this question all the time. Rightly so. Anyone can see a problem, but the person who steps up to fix it needs to see a solution.

This past Wednesday, at a forum hosted by the Arizona Women Lawyer's Association, a very direct and specific question was asked about security in the Recorder's Office. I want to partially answer that question here.

The following are general considerations I would like to see carefully explored at the MCRO. To be clear, what I am presenting to you is more of a general outline to be improved upon as we learn more about the current systems and their needs. 
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We can't let Purcell get elected again. Vote Fontes on November 8. 

The disenfranchisement of provisional voters

The Phoenix New Times ran an article today about Helen Purcell's decision not to count the 728 provisional ballots that were cast in the August 30 primary before the official certification of voting results this morning. The County's policy to not count provisional ballots has led to what Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Joshua Rogers clearly called disenfranchisement of voters. He wrote in his ruling in the lawsuit against the state brought by Arizona Congressional candidate Christine Jones:

"Numerous voters who were either told by poll workers that their vote would count, or, by silence, were misled to believe that their vote would count, were disenfranchised."

The County Recorder's ePollbook directed poll workers to tell voters who showed up at the wrong precinct and were not willing to go to the correct precinct to cast a provisional ballot. They were not instructed to tell these provisional voters that their votes will never be counted. 

Judge Rogers' called the error the "result of a uniform procedure implemented by Maricopa County in instructing voters who are in the wrong precinct." In other words, this was not a one-off mistake. 

Replace Helen Purcell

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What to do with 2 Early Ballots

What to do if you received 2 early ballots. We need to hold Helen Purcell's office accountable for its mistakes this election cycle. 

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2 PEVL Ballots?

We have received several calls about voters receiving more than one PEVL ballot in the mail. Has this happened to you? We want to know.

Comment below or send an email to info@electfontes.com 

We need to continue to hold Helen Purcell accountable for our dysfunctional elections process.

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Early Voting Locations

Use this simplified table to find early voting locations for the August 30 primary instead of the County Recorder's confusing website. There is now a location at the ASU campus. 

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The Arizona Republic agrees with me


This week, The Arizona Republic endorsed the GOP candidate who is running against Helen Purcell in the August 30 Primary. They called Purcell's handling of the presidential preference election in March a "profound failure."   

The paper agrees with me on both points: 1) she's done, 2) the GOP (and its candidates) need to more forcefully hold her accountable. Establishment politics, veiled in politeness, is not real leadership.

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Replace Helen Purcell

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Helen Purcell has failed our democracy once again. She has misled voters with her plan for 724 polling sites.

In fact, there are at least 79 fewer polling sites than she claims. That's 79 fewer parking lots on election day, and far fewer polling sites than in the 2008 primary. 
It's the end of the line for her 27 year reign as Maricopa County Recorder. As of yesterday, The Arizona Republic agrees with me
Will you help me in my campaign to #replacehelenpurcell and create and elections office that works for all voters? 

Purcell misleads voters, yet again

Helen Purcell, Chief Elections Officer for the Maricopa County Recorder's Office and Elections Department, has misrepresented herself and her office once again.

She said there will be 724 polling places for the upcoming primary and general elections, one for each precinct. What she has not made clear for voters is at least 80 of these 724 polling locations will be shared between precincts.

Helen's Tweet2

In reality, there will be at least 80 fewer polling locations and at least 80 fewer parking lots on Election Day.

A County Recorder should take every step to make sure voters are well informed. This is done through communicating clearly, consistently and accurately with voters.

Her failure to clearly explain this discrepancy is yet another example of Purcell's failure to uphold her duty as County Recorder. She has misrepresented herself to voters and she has left voters with at least 80 fewer locations to cast their ballots.

It is the end of the line for Helen Purcell as the Chief Elections officer in Maricopa County. She is unable to learn from her mistakes. What do you think?


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